3 thoughts on “Mr. Portelos’ PPR Learning in the News

  1. hi im anuga ekanayake from i..s.72 824
    this is not connected to steam so u dont need to log into it or download it

    here is the link for the free garry’s mod 13:http://www.mediafire.com/download/mxpgiu3wnakd775/Garrys.Mod.v13.12.06.Fixed.rar

    here is what u will need for this:
    1.rar file manager
    2.the garry’s mod folder which is located above
    2.virtual c+++ up to date
    3.directx up to date
    to use this u must do the follow:
    1.open the garrys mod rar file
    2.extract thefile named garrys mod inside the rar file
    3.open the extracted file
    4.press on the program that says either run,start,or play
    5.engineer on garrys mod 13
    if there is any problems with doing this plz contact me on facebook.

    1. important:
      you need to download the the visual c+++ from the microsoft website

      you must have your directx version 11 here is were to check it from:
      go to start
      type in dxdiag
      look for directx version
      if its not 11 plz update it quick

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