Fun Engineering and Design

Here are some fun ways to learn about Engineering, Design and other STEM apps.

Click the pictures below to be taken to the site.

Fantastic Contraption –

Garry’s Mod –

[WARNING- Parents, this is a great engineering game, however, because it uses the physics engine, objects and props of other games, it may pull up items like guns from those other games. Please make sure that option is turned off.]

Garry’s Mod (GMOD)

 Google Sketchup –

Do NOT select the PRO version when downloading.

Crayon Physics –

Crayon Physics


MIT Android App Inventor 

Make your own Android Apps


Create your own games and cartoons using Scratch

Learn to Code using


Have your own recording studio using Audacity

9 thoughts on “Fun Engineering and Design

  1. a disagreeable statement:

    There’s clearly an immediate need for youth
    to develop skills in science, technology, engineering and math. A failure to do so puts our country, our communities and our children
    at risk of not competing successfully in a global economy. America is at risk of losing its leadership in technology and innovation as
    baby boomer retirements deplete the science and technology workforce by 50 percent over the next decade.

    microsoft,apple,etc are still running the technology in the world ,but this statement could be agreeable maybe in the future if another foreign country make better techno productions that are strong enough to put down the u.s techno productions

    1. You are very correct. This is what I love about circulating around Staten Island schools educating students about technology and engineering. I can create small sparks of interest in the field.

    1. i also know how to put any online game on your website so who ever visit this site can play it in this website without going to a different website,but I’m not aloud to add it to this site you will have to add ill give the html or script code for it:

      fantastic contraptions code: Physics Games

      crayon pysics: Physics Games

      warning:some of these code might not work

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