Education and Virtual Reality – Where we’re going.

What does that mean for education? Well, actually a lot. From virtual field trips to virtual science experiments, classrooms are going to be immersed in educational content.


5 things Minecraft teaches kids (plus one bad thing, too)

The popular build-and-survive video game Minecraft could very well be the most surprising tech success of this decade. Created in 2009 by programmer Markus “Notch” Persson, expanded by a small team, and advertised mostly by word of mouth, it now has more than 100 million users. To drive home its success, Microsoft bought the game a few months ago for a staggering $2.5 billion.

I’m sure you’ve heard many kids, teens, and adults in your life talking about Minecraft. Here’s why that might be a good thing, and how to keep it from turning bad.


Why Be An Engineer?

Read Exxon Mobil’s take on the situation Why be an engineer? America has a problem: Not enough U.S. students are pursuing engineering careers. That troubling fact helps explain why there are currently millions of vacant jobs across our nation, even as the number of Americans not in the labor force is the highest it’s ever […]


Save Energy While Google Searching using Blackle.com

Have your monitor use less energy using this website.


Fun Engineering and Design

Here are some fun ways to learn about Engineering, Design and other STEM apps.


Mr. Portelos’ PPR Learning in the News

I’m really happy that my article was published in the NY Teacher newspaper!!! Check it out! Teacher to teacher: ‘Play, Pause and Rewind’ learning works for all -By Francesco Portelos